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TJ&E Rap, Part I
TJ&E Rap, Part II

ToeJam & Earl Rap

Yo I was hangin' in my rocketship, with nowhere to go
So I was cruisin', listenin' to the radio
Jetted to my homey's. Pulled up outside
Said, "Yo Earl! How about a joyride!"
Earl came in, climbed into the back seat
We shot up, to about a million feet
Kicked back. Turned on the cruise control
Cranked up, the maga-watt stereo

We cruised by a planet, took it low through the atmosphere
we took it low so the people down below could hear
Earl cranked the bass, we were thumpin' out a funky beat
I was low ridin', chillin' in the pilot's seat
Down below the pla-net was quakin'
On the ground they were, booty shakin'
They were def and definit-ly not fakin'
They were get-tin' down, they were, break break'n

Pulled into outer space. Put the pedal down
Picked up the pace to the speed of funky sound
We hit the fast lane passin' all the others by
I grabbed the gear shift and shifted into overdrive
Earl and I were high speed hip hoppin'
Givin' no indication of, ever stoppin'
We were def and definit-ly bop boppin'
To the rhythm of our engine that was, pop poppin'

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