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Orly's Draw-A-Story

ToeJam & Earl I

In 1991, two aliens, Toejam and Earl, were cruising in their Rapmaster Rocket Ship, when ToeJam decided to let Earl drive. Bad move! After crash landing on Earth, ToeJam and Earl began their mission to get back home to Funkotron.

Along the way, they traversed this most un-funky planet, avoiding earthlings, hunting down the pieces of their spaceship, and searching for elevators to take them from level to level. In this one- or two-player game, the goal was to find all 10 pieces of the rocket ship, and return ToeJam and Earl to Funkotron.

Published by Sega of America for the Genesis, ToeJam & Earl became a hit, and remained on the top ten list of video game rentals for years after its release.


A mini-game packaged with the Sega light gun, Ready-Aim-Tomatoes put you in ToeJam's shoes, fighting off annoying earthlings with...what else? Tomatoes.

ToeJam & Earl II: Panic on Funkotron

1993 found ToeJam and Earl on their home planet of Funkotron. Unknowingly, as they left earth for their return voyage to Funkotron, their cargo included a hoard of earthling stowaways.

Because earthlings disrupt the Funk balance on Funkotron, the objective was to capture all the earthlings in jars, and ship them back to earth in rocket ships at the end of each level.

This side-scrolling adventure for the Sega Genesis took advantage of a completely new layout and graphics engine, and developed a second generation of loyal fans.

A note about the future

Although Panic on Funkotron was loved and admired by many fans, many more thought ToeJam & Earl (the original) was the better of the two games. We agree. TJ&E III will be much more like (in many ways, exactly like... in other ways, way better than) the original game.

Orly’s Draw-A-Story is an award-winning interactive drawing package for kids starring the character, Orly, a charming 8-year old Jamaican girl. Find out more...