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You and Orly bring stories to life!

Intro.gifWhen you start playing with Orly's Draw-A-Story, you will meet Orly and her best friend Lancelot. You get to hear Orly tell all kinds of fun stories and see your very own drawings come to life.

Unhappy Princess StoryOne of the stories, "The Unhappy Princess" begins with Orly and Lancelot, hanging out at the beach.

Submarine Draw Pad #1Here's where Orly needs your help. She will ask you to add people and things to the story. Like this submarine. If you want help with your drawing, you just look behind the window shutters for all kinds of examples of submarines...

Submarine Draw Pad #3And then, you can even paint your picture with all kinds of cool colors or patterns.

Funny Little Man Draw PadNext, you get to draw a funny little man. When you finish, he will become part of your story.

Man Jumps Out of SubmarineNow you get to see your very own drawings come to life in the story. Just wait until you see what happens! The man talks a very funny language, the submarine explores underwater, and lots more.

With Orly's Draw-A-Story you won't believe how much fun it is to make your own stories, complete with lots and lots of drawings. Once you finish a story, you can watch your whole creation in the Junkyard Theater and show it off to your friends.