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Hints & Tips: Panic on Funkotron

Here's a few codes you might like to try out from TJ&E in Panic on Funkotron... Enter the password (multiple passwords work fine... Enter these before entering your level password):

FL199LEFR1TZ Aqualungs
!!15778047!! Infinite Funk

Infinite Super Jars

Infinite Coins

Infinite Panic Button


Here's where you'll find Trixie, the mermaid. When she is found, she awards the player(s) with a power that lasts for the rest of the level. Whenever there is a level without a "Trixie's Rendezvous" on it, we'll give you directions to find some other secret door to a secret spot.

(NOTE: To see where a secret door is, you must use your funk scan. To go through a secret door, position Toejam or Earl in front of the secret door and press up on the D-pad.)