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"Why is ClubScheduler the best offering available?"

You're in the process of evaluating which software is best for your club, and everyone's raving about ClubScheduler.  Why?  The simple answer is...AUTO-SCHEDULING!

Yes, ClubScheduler has a ton of features, but the auto-scheduler is the ONE feature that saves more time than all the others combined.  And it's the most important feature that web-based alternatives simply don't provide.

And why is auto-scheduling so important?  Because without it, you find it very difficult to ensure that members are being scheduled regularly and fairly while taking into account their availability, experience and eligibility.  That's where you'll spend all your time and attention... that is, if you even have the time to do your job in a way that best serves club members. 

ClubScheduler allows you to customize auto-scheduling rules and preferences on a role by role basis.  For example, you can specify how experienced a member should be before they're eligible to serve as the Toastmaster of the day.  And you can specify experience in terms of time elapsed since joining Toastmasters, or in terms of the number of times filling other roles.  Finally, you can override the auto-scheduler whenever special circumstances require. ClubScheduler even automatically sorts all your members in order of most to least eligible so that you can find the best candidates for last-minute replacements.

Of course, those online offerings are great too, but they serve a different purpose.  They allow club members and officers to communicate more effectively.  That's valuable, no doubt.  And if members are consistently signing up for roles on their own (something that never seemed to happen in our club), if enthusiastic members are not always dominating the agenda, and perhaps most importantly, if new and/or shy members are also consistently signing up for roles and not getting overlooked, then these on-line alternatives might be enough for your club!

But if you're having difficulty tracking when people filled roles last, and when it's appropriate to give preference to one member over another for any given role, then ClubScheduler is your answer.

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