"So tell me, what are people saying?..."

"Iíve been touting the advantages of Club Scheduler for over a year now, every time I visit a club.  It made an incredible difference in increasing participation at our meetings and helped us achieve Presidentís Distinguished in my first year of using the program.  As an Area Governor, Iíve made it my mission to get all my clubs up and running this year as well.  Great job! "
- Keith Quigley ACB, ALS
  Area 64 Governor, District 25

"I have been told by one of our past presidentís that it was the implementation of Club Scheduler that enabled our club to achieve Presidentís Distinguished Club the first time.  And now, we have achieved PDC for the seventh (7th) year Ė six in a row!  I think that is the highest complement one can give.  If you want your club to be a Presidentís Distinguished Club, get and use this software tool. "
- Shea Ellison, VPE
  Northpark Toastmasters , #5945

"THANK YOU!!!!  Your software is great - I just took over as VPE of the Oxford, UK, club and I didn't think I would have time to keep up with all the scheduling and tracking, as work keeps me very busy.  You've made my life so much easier!  I think this package will enable us to better track and communicate our members progress, and the club will be better for it.  I can't even begin to imagine how many hours of VPE's time you must be saving all over the world, and how much this is benefiting clubs.  Every club should use it!."
- Richard Grant, VPE
  Oxford Speakers Club , #3297

"I LOVE the program.  Any VP Ed not using it (after trying it) MUST be crazy!  It simply saves that much time.  I pity the VP Ed's who have not yet heard about ClubScheduler... Lucky for me, it was mentioned at Officer's Training.  It should be the main item at the next VP Ed training session."
- Ken Lockhart, VPE
  Delta Controls Toastmasters, #6128

"As the VP of Education for two clubs, I felt like I spent most of my time juggling schedules rather than enjoying the meetings.  Our District 50 has incorporated the theme "Set a Date" for accomplishing educational goals for the 2003-2004 year.  Now with ClubScheduler, I am in control of the scheduling processes and look forward to helping my fellow Toastmasters achieve their potential.  I could not do it without this wonderful software."
- Jo Nell Fulwiler ATMS-CL, VPE
  Word Wranglers #9214, BroadbandTV #4993

"ClubScheduler is a Toastmasters Club's best friend. This program will save you lots of guess work and time. It is a Vice President of Education's dream! It is very easy to learn and even easier to use. It gives you a peace of mind to know that all records are in one place and accurate. The reporting feature is outstanding and can give you information about your members with a couple of clicks. No more guessing where you stand in your quest for CTM, ATM, etc. The support for this program is amazing, they are quick, personable and very professional. I wish I had this program sooner, it would have saved A LOT of headaches. Now that I have it, our incoming VP of Education will have a smooth ride."
- Sheri Pulis CTM, President
  LBDG Toastmasters #741
  Area 84 Governor, Division H, District 39

"I have been using your scheduler as the VP of Education for about one month now and it is OUTSTANDING!  Just tonight, while I was looking in your help section to see if there was a way to add mentors to the roster, I read that I can create agendas also.  I love it!  I have enthusiastically recommended ClubScheduler to at least 50 toastmasters in my district. If you see an influx of use from Washington state in district 32, that may be part of the reason.  I just wanted you to know how enjoyable it is to be VP of Education because of your software.  Keep up the good work.  I like the fact that it is free, but I would gladly pay to use it."
- David J. Fenbert ATM-B, VPE
  Tacoma Toastmasters #13

"I cannot tell you what a joy it has been using ClubScheduler.  I'm actually enjoying doing schedules!!"
- Lynne Warren CTM, VPE
  Rhetoracles Toastmasters #5092

"When I was VP of Education I used ClubScheduler to schedule all of our Toastmaster meetings.  ClubScheduler is really easy to use.  The schedules and reports it generates are extremely well designed.  I can't imagine how or why any club would schedule meetings manually!"
- Jeff Slavitz CTM, President
  Tamalpais Toastmasters #3530

"I am a new user to the ClubScheduler program.  I will be the new VP of Education this summer and I am very busy.  This package allows me to schedule the meetings in advance with little effort.  I am looking forward to using this package and all of its wonderful features."
- Michael Bancale CTM, EVP
  Fish Pond Toastmasters #7351

"ClubScheduler has simplified the task of the EVP in an unprecedented way! As a club with approximately thirty active members, scheduling was always a difficult trick.  Now, it's manageable... I especially like that I can plug in upcoming member absences and then customize the program's proposed schedules."
- Camille Leon ATM-B, EVP
  Del Rey Toastmasters #2646

"I can see [ClubScheduler] blending in very well with our club website; the HTML outputs, details of future meetings, member progress, etc.  In summary... I think it is sensational.  Extremely well thought out and very in-depth consideration throughout.  I can't wait to be more proficient at using it and realizing all it's capabilities.  Well done - a very professional package. "
- Peter Hardie, EVP
  Stafford Heights Toastmasters #2589

"Thank you very much for providing a wonderful product!  Until now, I've been working out of an MS ExcelTM workbook and have often wished for programming skills so that many of the repetitive tasks I do could be automated.  At a glance, it seems that your software is a Godsend!"
- Frank C., EVP
  Kurume Toastmasters #427

"As a VP of Education for my Toastmasters Club I have searched high and low for some method of scheduling effectively and efficiently. I have struggled through with a massive set of Excel Worksheets to do our schedules. NOT ANYMORE!... This software was written by a Toastmaster for Toastmasters. It is an encompassing database with quick and easy scheduling tools and great reports... If you have been looking for some useful Toastmaster software, check out ClubScheduler! It will save you a lot of time and effort."
- Rick Eshbach, EVP
  All in the Family Toastmasters #5646

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