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ClubScheduler is designed to make scheduling effortless.  After entering basic club and membership information, generating schedules is truly a snap (or maybe more like a "click").  You'll be amazed at how easy scheduling can be. 

 Schedules & Auto-Scheduling

  • ClubScheduler... automatically generates schedules as far into the future as needed,
  • Adheres to all scheduling rules and preferences, but allows rules to be manually overridden,
  • Allows for club-specific scheduling preferences, including:
    - How many speakers to schedule during each meeting
    - Which roles should be automatically scheduled
    - How often roles can be repeated
    - Which roles are considered significant, or "major"
    - How often "major" roles can be repeated
    - How long to wait before new members can fill "major" roles, and
    - How experienced members should be in order to fill the role of Toastmaster.
  • Allows for the designation of club holidays, when ClubScheduler should refrain from scheduling club meetings,
  • Creates beautifully formatted schedules in both "text" and "html" for easy viewing, printing, sharing via email, and posting on the Web.  Formatted schedules may optionally include meeting themes, special notices, and contact information for meeting participants.  (Sample) (Sample2)
  • Html schedules optionally include hyperlinks to the email addresses of each meeting participant, and a consolidated link to all the meeting participants for each scheduled meeting.
  • Creates blank sign-up sheets and attendance tracking charts (output files) for circulation within meetings.
  • Up to 100 meeting agendas are maintained for you to review and update.  When getting started, you may use this feature to enter past meeting assignments so that the auto-assignment engine generates the best possible scheduling suggestions right off the bat.

 Role Definition

  • ClubScheduler is designed with all the most common Toastmasters roles pre-defined, including Toastmaster, General Evaluator, Topic Master, Speakers, Evaluators, Grammarian, Vote Counter & Timer.  This allows for more "intelligent" automatic scheduling.  For instance, whenever possible, ClubScheduler avoids scheduling relatively new members to evaluate other new members.  Scheduled speakers are sorted in order from least to most senior, so that a new member need not present a speech directly following a veteran speaker's presentation.
  • Because all clubs are not exactly the same, ClubScheduler includes user-defined roles.  User-defined roles allow you to configure ClubScheduler to match your club's unique scheduling needs.  For instance, perhaps your club schedules someone as the "Ah-Counter" or the "Jokemaster."  Configuring ClubScheduler to match your club's scheduling practices is easy.

 Member Availability

  • ClubScheduler keeps track of member availability, with options to specify:
    - Vacation dates and specific days off,
    - Days when members cannot fill "major" roles,
    - Days or weeks of the month when members are consistently not available.

 Sign-up Sheets

  • "Sign-up Sheets" are fully integrated into ClubScheduler so that members may request specific roles on specific dates, as far into the future as necessary.
  • The auto-scheduler attempts to satisfy all sign-up requests first, but will ask for your approval if any rules or club preferences would be compromised by an assignment.

 Membership Information

  • ClubScheduler... tracks each member's name, club office, contact information, award level, progress toward next award level, assigned mentor, total speech count, and membership status (active or inactive.)  Inactive members are never automatically scheduled, but may be manually scheduled.  You may also track meeting attendance, ribbons won (Best Speaker, etc.), contests attended or won, if and when officers have been trained, and if and when members paid dues,
  • Creates a consolidated chart displaying information (both in summary and in detail) about each member's speech-progress toward their next award level (Sample),
  • Creates attendance reports, displaying statistics (both in summary and in detail) about member attendance, member performance (best speaker, best evaluator, etc.), number of new members recently adopted, and even when club officers were last trained (Sample),
  • Displays member participation by member or by role.  In one list, you may view the dates when members last performed each role; Or select a given role, and view when each member last performed that role.
  • Maintains a separate list of ex-members.  Ex-members are not allowed to be scheduled, but can easily be reinstated as active or inactive members,
  • And maintains a separate list of guests.  Just like normal members, guests can be entered into sign-up sheets and schedules.  At any time, with a simple click of the mouse, they can be instated as full members.

 Importing & Exporting Membership Information From and To Other Programs

  • ClubScheduler makes it easy to import existing membership information from other programs such as Microsoft Excel.  Import as much or as little data as you have available by embedding special format-strings into your Excel spreadsheet.  (The ClubScheduler readme.txt file describes everything you need to know about creating your own Import Files.)
  • Membership data can just as easily be exported in a format readable by most popular spreadsheet programs, including Microsoft Excel.

 Club Rosters (Sample)

  • ClubScheduler... creates beautifully formatted rosters in both "text" and "html" formats for easy viewing, printing, sharing via email, and posting on the Web,
  • Includes hyperlinks (html format only) to each participant's email address, making communication easier than ever,
  • Allows you to specify which information to include on your roster, including address, home phone, work phone, fax number and e-mail address,
  • Optionally includes inactive members,
  • Optionally includes a separate list of club officers.

 Meeting Agendas (Sample)

  • ClubScheduler's Agenda Designer creates beautifully formatted agendas in both "rich text" and "html" formats for easy editing (adding picture or special formatting), printing, and sharing as email attachments;
  • Template files are designed to be easily customized so that the resulting output files (agendas) meet your club's individual style;
  • Agenda Designer makes it quick and easy to create an accurate agenda, avoiding the frustrating and error-prone task of copying and pasting the lastest meeting assignments into a new or pre-existing document.

 Portability (Auto-Detected Transfer Files)

  • ClubScheduler makes it easy to transfer scheduling responsibilities when it's time for a new VP of Education to take the helm.  This is accomplished by using ClubScheduler's ability to create Transfer Files.

    Simply send the new VPE a copy of your club's current registration code with an up-to-date Transfer File, and your new VPE will have everything he or she needs to take over.  (Transfer Files can be exchanged quite easily as email file-attachments, but floppy disks work well too.)  After they download and install ClubScheduler onto their computer, they copy the Transfer File into the ClubScheduler folder on their Windows Desktop.  By launching the program and entering your club's name, number and registration code, ClubScheduler will then automatically detect the presence of the Transfer File and load your club's latest club and membership information.  That's all there is to it.


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