About Us
Mark Voorsanger, Founder
Greg Johnson, Founder

Who We Are and What We Do

WARNING: ToeJam & Earl Productions, Inc. (TJ&E) develops games that don't let go.

Founders Mark Voorsanger and Greg Johnson have been in the biz since PacMan wore diapers. In 1989, they formed the company because too many games left them wanting more.... More character, more humor, more Funk.

So TJ&E introduced the ToeJam & Earl series with the original ToeJam & Earl, followed by Ready-Aim-Tomatoes (a mini-game for Sega's light-gun), and Panic on Funkotron. Each was developed exclusively for the Sega Genesis and published by Sega of America.

TJ&E also created Orly's Draw-A-Story, a multi-award-winning CD-ROM for kids 5 to 14 (although some "older kids" admit to long, after-hour sessions). Orly was designed for PCs and Macs, and is published by Broderbund.

Our most recently released game was ToeJam & Earl III, with more character, more humor, and more Funk than ever before.

We're dedicated to designing games that bring people together. So grab a friend, strap on some Rocket Skates, and feel the Funk (mp3).